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Friday, August 9, 2013

Two soaking wet eagles, nine vultures and a very large salmon carcass

Stopped off at Little Nestucca River boat launch a few days ago - in a tree across the river, an adult BALD EAGLE was drying itself. 
This guy is soaking wet!
Some movement caught my eye - oh my, there were seven TURKEY VULTURES in the neighboring trees.
Can you find all seven Vultures?
But, I said "Nine vultures" right?  As I walked closer to the bank, two Turkey Vultures flushed from below me.  Hmmmm.  Wonder what they were feasting on?  So I edged nearer and found a HUGE salmon carcass.

Scanning the opposite bank, I spotted the other adult Bald Eagle, also soaking wet, drying himself on another snag.  So I put the story together like this - one adult Bald Eagle spies a big Salmon in the river - looks like lunch is here!  So he dives in, only to find that the Salmon is TOO BIG.  But help is on the way - his mate arrives, dives in beside him, eager to assist. 

They struggle, half-swimming, and pull the Salmon up onto the bank.  Lunch time! 

Having sated themselves, they retire to the opposite bank to dry themselves off.  No sooner had they abandoned their repast (perhaps even while they were munching), the Turkey Vultures arrive - one by one. Each of them is able to eat their fill and move over to the opposite shore to rest.  And more vultures arrive.  Soon there are nine of them.  And not much is left of the carcass.

Wish I'd gotten  there sooner :o)

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