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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Remembering Summer - Shore Acres State Park

Sitting here today with the wind and rain pounding against the windows, I thought a trip through the beautiful Shore Acres State Park was a perfect remedy for the mid-winter blues.  This past July we took a scenic trip down the Oregon coast on our way to our niece's first birthday party in Medford. 

Shore Acres is the former estate of a timber barron, with extensive formal gardens, treed acreage, and rocky ocean views complete with sunning sea lions.

I had visited the park years ago, and wanted to share the beautiful gardens and breathtaking views.

Sea lions sunning on the rocks below an overlook.

In spite of the July heat, the roses were stunning.  These yellow ones were favorites.

 A large lily pond near the middle of the grounds, offered a peaceful respite.

A salamander swimming lazily beneath the lilies. 

The many flowers tempted a variety of insects and hummingbirds. 

This torch lily attracted the attention of a young HUMMINGBIRD (RUFOUS or ALLEN'S).

Outside the garden gates, a BLACK TAILED DEER rummaged through a wilder wooded area.

SHORE ACRES is adjacent SUNSET BAY and CAPE ARAGO State Parks, southwest of COOS BAY, Oregon.  Each park has its own beauty, and is worth the time to visit.  Between the three, they offer camping, hiking, bird and nature observing, and easy scenic walks in a truly unique and varied landscape.  

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  1. My wife and I have been to shore acres a couple of times. Very beautiful!