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Monday, October 10, 2011

Whalen Island in the Fall

If you haven't guessed by now, Clay Myers Natural Area at Whalen Island is my favorite spot for walking, watching birds, looking at the tide, and even eating a BJ's burger at a picnic bench with my sister. 

The walk is a loop around an "island", through a variety of habitat that I love photographing. Sandy dunes, lush green forests, tangled thickets -- the walk is easy, most of it wide enough for two!

High tide brings the ocean into the bay.

Rain on a spider web.


It was quiet in September each time we went - always beautiful and worth the short drive, but few birds.  This month, however, it is hopping.  Hundreds of Robins, Waxwings, and Yellow-Rumps -- numerous raptors, shorebirds, and even migrating ducks and geese.  A birding bonanza!  A few of the birds we saw.
Song Sparrow

American Robin
Golden Crowned Kinglet (in the rain)

Golden-Crowned Sparrow
Brown Pelicans and Gulls
Pacific Wren

Black-Bellied Plover
Yellow Rumped Warbler
So if you are out my way, come walk with me - I just might take you to my favorite spot!


  1. I really like your Black-bellied Plover image!

  2. Lovely photos, Dawn. The Black-bellied Plover shot is wonderful! I just may take you up on your invitation one of these days.

  3. Thanks Rick and Linda. And that would be great, Linda! (but leave your bears at home ;o)