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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eckman Lake

Last weekend we took the scenic route on a family trip to Medford. One of our planned stops was a first visit to Eckman Lake.  After a brief pause at Nelson Wayside, we continued down Highway 34, turned on Eckman Creek Road and used the many pull-outs to get good views of the lake.

At the first pull-out, looking back toward the highway, we saw a pair of GREEN HERON (center) along with a few MALLARD (right side).
Green Heron Pair

Looking out over the lake, a mama MALLARD and a pretty big duckling. 

Mallards (female with young)

To the left I could barely see a female WOOD DUCK in the vegetation -- but after careful watching, I picked out some little tiny black heads following her. 
Wood Duck (f)
Wood Ducks

We got in the car to try for a better vantage point.  The next stop yielded this great view of four WOOD DUCK ducklings!


 At the next turnout, there were several more MALLARDS, mostly females and half-size young.

Couldn't resist a photo of this female so nicely framed by the branches.

At the upper end of the lake, we turned up a dirt road for a few more looks around.  This GREAT BLUE HERON graced the water's edge.
Common Yellowthroat

On the lake side of the road, a male COMMON YELLOWTHROAT was carrying a large bug. 


A very vocal MARSH WREN caught our attention on the opposite side - we finally spotted him, in plain sight of course, singing in the branches of a small tree. 

Marsh Wren
Common Yellowthroat (f)

Looking around, we spotted the female COMMON YELLOWTHROAT sitting low in the branches of a nearby bush.

Eckman Lake is located east of Waldport on Highway 34.  There is a State Park Wayside on the west side of the lake with a small fishing dock.  Most of our time was spent on the east side of the lake where there were plenty of places to stop and get good views.