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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Add Your Own Caption

It's such fun looking back over my birding "2012 Year in Photos".

Here's a fun series I had forgotten about that I took at last Spring's Birding and Blues Festival in Pacific City.  A pair of TREE SWALLOWS having a tiff?  I can't really think of anything cute, but I made up some captions:

Ready to go to Birding & Blues, dear?

It's already sold-out!  I told you to sign up early!


Add your own captions by commenting below - I'd love to see what you can come up with!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Funny, but I started this blog posting two months ago - saved it as a "draft" and then, well, life kindof happened.  So here I am again, ready to tell you about Pixieland!

Pixieland is one of several sections of the Salmon River Estuary that have been restored - that is, dikes taken down and native plants added (and non-natives removed).  Pixieland was a short-lived amusement park here on the coast -- I remember when we moved to Oregon in 1971, Pixieland was one of the places our cousins took us - beyond that I remember nothing about it. 


Restoration efforts in the Salmon River Estuary have been ongoing since the mid-1970s as part of the Cascade Head Management Plan.  Until I started doing some research, I had no idea that the Salmon River Estuary was part of that plan!  The people at the Salmon/Drift Creek Watershed Council and the Siuslaw National Forest have been a great help assisting me in my research.

My first visit was in September, about a month after Pixieland was opened to the public (foot traffic only).  Remember our dry summer?  Well, it was one DRY wetlands!
Main trail, 9-23-2012
Nonetheless, I wandered around and tallied 18 species that included a RED-SHOULDERED HAWK as well as a COOPER'S HAWK.  A couple of photos of the habitat and scenery.

Great Blue Heron

Pacific Tree (Chorus) Frog

American Robin
Dark-eyed Junco

I have become captivated by Pixieland and the surrounding estuary.  Since that first visit, I've been keeping records of my visits (see my spreadsheet here) and gathering as much information as I can about the restoration project.

Harbor Seal with Salmon
As autumn turned to winter, the wetlands has become, well... WET.  I've added muck boots and wellies to my store of supplies.  But that is another blog (promise).