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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hatfield Marine Science Center OSPREY

Our Sunday visit to HMSC was one of the most fun we've had -- and all due to a single bird.

Don't get me wrong, we saw quite a few birds, including four BALD EAGLES (2 adult) and four TURKEY VULTURES.

But the highlight of the day came when we heard a SPLASH as we watched the BALD EAGLES - I got the camera focused just in time to see an adult OSPREY snatch a STARRY FLOUNDER (as we later found out) from the bay.  Pictures are worth more than words...

As he circled this small section of the bay, other birds got interested, including this WESTERN GULL and two of the BALD EAGLES.

But the OSPREY prevailed.


Hatfield Marine Science Center is on Yaquina Bay near the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  The nature walk has been the source of many new birding experiences for us, and never fails to provide magical moments (see previous blogs in the list below).


  1. OH . Just Amazing! I was thrilled with the birds over by old town. We were walking on the docks and I was just going crazy! I have quite a few new to me photographed birds. I came here to try to line up a few of the names. ;) Good Birding Day!

  2. I spent hours comparing photos to bird books after our first "birding" trip to the bayfront -- unreal to see so many up close!