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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Out and About -- Atlantic City

Here in Mount Laurel, New Jersey because of my husband's work, the first day we went to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell and visit the historic district.

Then we drove down to Atlantic City to visit the boardwalk and stick our toes in the Atlantic, just to say we had done it :o) The first thing I noticed were the many, many LAUGHING GULLS - yes, they really do laugh.  There were lots of juveniles being fed by parents - they hang around people like our Western Gulls do back home.
Laughing Gull

Great Black-backed Gull

Next to them, the GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULLS looked huge!  There were a few HERRING GULLS around as well.


Herring Gull

I was amazed to see SANDERLING chasing the waves right in among the crowds of people on the beach.


  1. Nice! Great Laughing Gull shot.. Are there still all those feral cats under the boardwalk there? That's pretty much all I remember from my only visit to AC (because my dog was goin nuts!).

  2. Great photos! Your Liberty Bell shot made me start singing... but it looks like Davy Crockett didn't patch up the crack in the Liberty Bell after all... (you may be too young for this song...)

  3. @Jen, yes still feral cats there - actually didn't see them but read the sign that told about them. @Linda, don't know the song :o)