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Friday, February 10, 2012

Tillamook Bay Wetlands (2)

Thursday forecast was cloudy but little rain, so I took a chance and headed up to Rain River. Spent most of the day getting muddy, tired, and hungry but having a great time checking out over 44 different species of birds. Walked 1.48 of the four miles, then turned back - however I ran into a guy who said he thought I'd walked more than half way (almost to the blue barn-thing), so still not sure if I should have kept going.  Another time :o)

Here's a few photos of the habitat in the new area I explored (see my previous blog for the first mile or so of habitat).  Also see Walt's Camera World blog for a map and more information.

You can see the muddy, wet trail - I keep telling my hubby my Okibashi's (flip flops) are water proof but he doesn't buy it!

I was actually glad I turned back, because I had gotten a brief glimpse at what I thought was a NORTHERN SHRIKE (new bird for me) but hadn't been able to get photos.  Coming back, there he was on a post right by the trail - I couldn't get too close, but did get one that's not too bad.
Northern Shrike
Other birds included:
Fox Sparrow (several)

Common Merganser

Red-tailed Hawk

Each time I've been, there have been a number of raptors, with the majority being RED-TAILED HAWKS.  This visit, there were 4 Red-tails, 2 BALD EAGLE (adults), a WHITE-TAILED KITE, two NORTHERN HARRIERS, and an AMERICAN KESTREL.  No owls this trip though.

On the drive home I had some more good sightings with a gorgeous male NORTHERN HARRIER at Tillamook River and eight GREAT EGRETS on a farm near Whalen Island. At Whalen Island I stopped in for a quick look and was excited to see a very early OSPREY! He was harassing (or being harassed by) a juvenile BALD EAGLE. There was a WESTERN GULL involved in the fray as well. Very cool to watch! They all eventually flew off in different directions with no actual contact.

A very good day!


  1. Oh sweet! Northern Shrikes are my nemesis bird! I think I saw one fly off once but that was it... Chased a ton though. And a White-tailed Kite too! I know where I'm going this weekend if the rain holds off! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Actually, Dawn, do you mind telling me how to get to this area? Any help would be much appreciated! ( Thanks!

  3. Sent you an email. The Shrike was down past the concrete bridge - he seemed to like being near the trail. There have been two Kites around (I've been told - I've just seen one). Watch for them as you're driving in - they like the pastures.