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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eckman Lake

Last weekend we took the scenic route on a family trip to Medford. One of our planned stops was a first visit to Eckman Lake.  After a brief pause at Nelson Wayside, we continued down Highway 34, turned on Eckman Creek Road and used the many pull-outs to get good views of the lake.

At the first pull-out, looking back toward the highway, we saw a pair of GREEN HERON (center) along with a few MALLARD (right side).
Green Heron Pair

Looking out over the lake, a mama MALLARD and a pretty big duckling. 

Mallards (female with young)

To the left I could barely see a female WOOD DUCK in the vegetation -- but after careful watching, I picked out some little tiny black heads following her. 
Wood Duck (f)
Wood Ducks

We got in the car to try for a better vantage point.  The next stop yielded this great view of four WOOD DUCK ducklings!


 At the next turnout, there were several more MALLARDS, mostly females and half-size young.

Couldn't resist a photo of this female so nicely framed by the branches.

At the upper end of the lake, we turned up a dirt road for a few more looks around.  This GREAT BLUE HERON graced the water's edge.
Common Yellowthroat

On the lake side of the road, a male COMMON YELLOWTHROAT was carrying a large bug. 


A very vocal MARSH WREN caught our attention on the opposite side - we finally spotted him, in plain sight of course, singing in the branches of a small tree. 

Marsh Wren
Common Yellowthroat (f)

Looking around, we spotted the female COMMON YELLOWTHROAT sitting low in the branches of a nearby bush.

Eckman Lake is located east of Waldport on Highway 34.  There is a State Park Wayside on the west side of the lake with a small fishing dock.  Most of our time was spent on the east side of the lake where there were plenty of places to stop and get good views.


  1. Nice variety of birds- love the Wood Duck ducklings especially!

  2. I have had such a hard time getting a decent shot of a Yellowthroat this year. Nice Job!