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Sunday, June 2, 2013

2013 Dancing Grebe Trip - Day 7

On Thursday the 30th, we headed out of Klamath Falls on our way to Bend - the final leg of our journey.  There were a couple of places enroute that I wanted to visit. First stop was Wood River Wetland, on the north tip of Agency Lake.

When we stepped out of the car, we were overwhelmed by the sounds - songbirds, marsh birds, waterfowl...  It was incredible.
Orange-crowned Warbler

We immediately saw several Yellow Warblers, followed closely by foraging Wilson's and Orange-crowned Warblers. Tree Swallows were guarding nests, Black-headed Grosbeaks foraging on the ground.

Tree Swallow near nest
Black-headed Grosbeak

As we walked down the trail, the trees and brush initially hid the water from our view - but not the sound.  "Sensory overload!" I commented, smiling.

 Coming out of the shaded portion of the trail, we had a nice view of the wetlands - and a greeter...
Yellow-bellied Marmot
Garter Snake

There were several snakes - mostly Garter Snakes - either sunning on the path, or curled up in the nearby grasses. 

Western Grebe

Although we now had clearer views of the water, it seemed that most of the waterfowl were back in areas that were hidden from view - there were a few that we could see well...
Green Heron

... and we were excited to see both a Green and a Black-crowned Night Heron.
The next stop was to have been Collier State Park, but it was packed with people so we moved on to the last site - Klamath Marsh NWR.
Western Kingbird and Mountain Bluebird

Heading up Silver Lake Road, we noticed a bird atop a leafless bush -- we stopped to see him better, and enjoyed watching a pair of Mountain Bluebird join him, taking turns hunting in the bush.  After a few minutes, a Green-tailed Towhee popped up from below, only to be chased away by the female Bluebird.
The marsh was full of Red-winged, Yellow-headed and Tricolored Blackbirds. From the many waysides along the road, we spotted a number of Common Yellowthroat and Marsh Wrens. A soaring Red-tailed Hawk was chased by two Northern Harriers - we probably never would have seen the Harriers if the Red-tail hadn't caused them to rise up out of the tall grass and give chase. 

Following the suggestion in the Klamath Basin Birding Guide, we drove back on Forest Road 690 along the edge of the marsh.  We were hoping to see some Woodpeckers, but it was very quiet - a few warblers and a Mountain Chickadee. Returning to the main road, we decided to continue on our journey rather than seeing more of the Marsh. 
Canada Geese

We waited to let families of Canada Geese cross the road (this happened a couple of times), then we were on our way to Bend. 
I had been a little dubious about staying at a hotel that was right on Highway 97 Business, but The Riverhouse was great - our room overlooked the river, complete with a bridge housing a family of American Dippers!  Worn out and with my hubby finally succumbing to the cold he had been fighting, we settled in for a couple of nice, restful days before heading home. 


  1. Cool shot of the kingbird and bluebird in the same tree! And the marmot... oh I love me some marmots...

  2. I had never seen a marmot before this trip - saw lots of things I'd never seen before :o)

  3. Beautiful pictures Dawn! I'm on the LCBNO group, thanks for sharing your blog url.

    1. Thanks Renee! I'm getting behind on my blogging, need to get going again :o)