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Saturday, February 4, 2012


I've been putting field reports with pix out on Birdfellow which has kindof supplanted my blogging -- Birdfellow is a very cool site, with lots of bird identification resources, discussion groups, and friendly helpful birders.

Last weekend I had a very cool experience with a GREAT BLUE HERON at Salishan - I wrote about it in a field report here.  

My wonderful Thursday (2/2/12) "big day" in Tillamook County is in a field report here.  I hit Neskowin (pdf), Nestucca, Netarts (bypassing Whalen Island, one of my favs, but trying to make sure I could get some new ones in :o)  From there it was Tillamook River, to Hoquarton Slough, to Bay City (by accident) and then back to Tillamook Bay Wetlands.  Check out my field report for pix.

Yesterday was another gorgeous sunny day - I rambled around town a bit, mostly around Cutler City, another personal favorite.  Pretty quiet except about a dozen (or more) RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS -- I tried hard to make one of them into a HUTTON'S VIREO, but those cute yellow feet and tiny black bill just wouldn't let me do it.

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

So I'm trying to balance my field reports on Birdfellow with some blogging - either way, the birds are such great fun!  And spring is coming!

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  1. Very cool! I'm impressed with anyone who puts in the effort to enter their sightings into Birdfellow and eBird. I just hate counting birds! I might make myself start sometime but who knows. Glad you got out and enjoyed this awesome weather!