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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's Wrong with "The Big Year"? --- SPOILER --

After seeing the movie then reading the mediocre reviews, I had to ask myself "What's wrong with The Big Year?"  
 Here's what I figured out...
Hanging Out

No shooting
   no one died

The wives didn't sleep around
   the husbands didn't sleep around

No one dropped the F bomb - or any other bombs

There were no chase scenes
   and no bloodshed


Preaching to the Choir

It was "nice"
  People were being people --
    eccentric, avid, curious, suspicious, manipulative, funny and sometimes cruel

Just being a bird

And birds were just being, well, birds

Maybe not the "right" birds in the "right" place
   but beautiful and diverse


We can watch the movie and laugh, 
    smiling wryly as we recognize ourselves
        and sigh in relief that we're not quite that obsessive after all

I'm not an expert - 
     didn't read the book, 
don't know the real men who had this adventure, 
     don't know how much was real and how much was imagined.  
But I do know that 

The Big Year was a good movie. 
    I would watch it again.
 I would take my grandaughter.
    I would recommend it to my friends. 
What's wrong with The Big Year?  Not a thing.

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