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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Blue Herons and Life on the Coast

Finally escaped a week full of work, flu and rain for a couple of hours of walking around.  It was a weekend of Great Blue Herons and Bald Eagles.  The herons were much more accommodating about photos, my eagle pictures all came out blurry and not at all the graceful, powerful images that represent these fabulous birds of prey.  So into the recycle bin they went (sigh).  But the Herons have their own graceful majesty, so here are a few that we've seen recently.

Most of these were taken at D River Open Space.

This was taken from Salishan Nature Trail - where the trail splits, you can almost always find a Great Blue Heron fishing - rarely disturbed by those of us walking on the nearby path.

Look closely and you can see the one that got away -- actually, the one in the bill got away also!

And we end with one of the many that we saw high in the fir trees at both Salishan and Whalen Island.  One sat high on a branch overhanging the path while a couple strolled underneath, oblivious.  I wonder how many Great Blue Herons I have walked under, unknowing, before I started paying attention.

Good birding, everyone!

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