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Monday, May 20, 2013

Schooner Creek American Dipper

Today was yard work day - hauled truckloads of yard debris to Schooner Creek Transfer Station.  After the last load of the day, I decided to run up Schooner Creek Road to see what I could see.  I drove up past the end of the paved road, stopping along the creek at the turnouts.  

At my second stop, I heard, and then saw, a hungry AMERICAN DIPPER being fed by his very busy father.

American Dipper Fledgling

Calling for Lunch!
Daddy Dipper Delivers

It was fascinating watching the parent feed the youngster (I assume it was the father, who is, from what I understand, the chief care-taker). He made trip after trip, dive after dive, repeatedly bringing food to the impatient young one.

They were nowhere near a bridge, but there was a nice bank on the opposite shore.  I never saw the nest.

Here's the spot in the creek where I found them.
Schooner Creek
By the way, Schooner Creek Transfer Station is situated on a hill with a 360 degree view. I asked permission to come up there and watch birds sometime and was told birders are welcome, although no one has ever asked before. You can only come during business hours, and need to be sure to stay out of the way. Hours are 7:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Saturday. I hope to go back and check it out soon!


  1. Cool! I'd like to go there sometime. I think Dipper parents often split up if they have two offspring, with mom feeding one and dad feeding the other. Although I have seen both parents feeding two. This early in the season, Mom may be nesting again while Dad feeds the first fledgling.

  2. Wow that is one adorable dipper! Awesome you got to watch the feeding.

  3. I wondered about Mom possibly being on the nest again, and was curious about where it might be - but you know me, I had my flip flops on and it was too overgrown :o) I felt so lucky to be able to have such a great view of the feeding process though.