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Saturday, May 26, 2012

If it makes you smile

I was wandering around Lincoln City on a gorgeous day a couple of weeks ago, and it seemed like there was something at every spot, around every turn, that made me smile...  Here's a few images from that day, so you can smile too.

The first Flycatchers were arriving, this PACIFIC SLOPE FLYCATCHER surprised me with his presence in a small clearing in the heavily wooded Cutler City Wetlands. 
Pacific-Slope Flycatcher
Then there was the rocket-launched GREATER YELLOWLEGS in the adjoining flooded field...  
 Oh, oops, I guess it was a log, not a jet stream :o)

Bald Eagle

At Salishan, a gawky juvenile BALD EAGLE practiced hunting over the Siletz Bay while I watched.

Marsh Wren

He distracted me momentarily from the singing MARSH WRENS - one of whom popped up for a photo-op (barely).

If you've never seen GREAT-BLUE HERONs up close, Salishan is the place to come - they are very accustomed to people along the trail and move away only slowly, if at all, when you approach (well, not TOO close).  
Great Blue Heron

This one was hunting in a pond within the golf course.  Curious, I waited to see what he came up with.


Eugh, I guess it's frog-legs for lunch.  I love frogs but I love herons too, and we've all got to eat, right?

Yup, it's a Frog

There's a small meadow at the end of the Salishan Nature Trail where you can nearly always find rabbits- nevertheless, they are always a bit of a surprise and always bring a smile.

It was nearly time to head home, and I made one last stop by a little marsh along the trail -- a long tail in the bush right next to me caught my eye.  I stepped back two or three steps and clicked my tongue.  Sure enough, this little guy popped out!  
Well, that was my day -- all this in just a couple of hours wandering around.  I smiled alot that day -- hope I made you smile too!


  1. Great post! I am extremely jealous of your Wrentit shot- it's awesome! Love the heron with the frog too.

  2. Nice photos! Heron with frog leg hanging out is priceless. Thanks for sharing!